Recent Projects 

The “Ethics of Eating” course that I taught for many years at Cornell with Will Starr is now available in an updated form on Coursera.  Here is a promo video produced by Serge Petchenyi and Roberta Militello.

Sam Newlands and I recently co-directed a multi-year $5m grant on Hope and Optimism: Conceptual and Empirical Investigations (there’s a healthy dose of Despair and Pessimism too).  Here is our promotional video, produced by Leah Hayes and Peter Brant.

Lectures on Kant's ethics from the Food Ethics MOOC

Four introductory mini-lectures on Kant’s ethics, especially as related to non-human animals. These are obviously casual rather than highly polished presentations, but some students over the years have said that they found them useful, so I thought I would put them up here.


Kant and Kantian Ethics

Kant's Non-Consequentialism

Kant on Humanity and Autonomy

Kant, Autonomy, Animals